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# Adjust your tinfoil hat and read THE TRUTH!
Mark Chapman did the world a favour. Imagine? Imagine if Lennon had lived.All those cunts that worship Lennon don't ever bother to stop and think what it would have been like if he had.
And I don't mean hilariously crippled like Superman, I mean if he hadn't been shot AT ALL.
It'd be TWICE as bad as it is now with Paul McFucknutCarthy.
He'd be advertising shit all the time like Johnny Rotten with his butter and Iggy CUNTING Pop with his fucking car insurance. And you KNOW there'd be xmas records. Oh fuck, just thinking about the xmas records he'd release makes me want to PUKE. Just imagine it, an xmas record EVERY FUCKING YEAR, like Cliff fuck-knuckle Richard, only WORSE. because he'd have to have his ghastly harridan of a wifebeast wailing along in the background on them all too.
Mark Chapman should have been given a fucking MEDAL for sparing us all that.

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# haha!
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# Hahahaha! Ouch!
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# Bargain!
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