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# needs more thunderbolts and perhaps a little lightning
I'm not sure how to add thunderbolts, but for the later click images adjustments brightness\contrast in your photoshop menubar.
if it seems very very frightening, you've gone too far :/
(, Fri 13 Apr 2018, 18:40, archived)
# No
Going to Asda, buying an actual naan and spraying it black was enough work. What is this "photoshop" of which you speak?
(, Fri 13 Apr 2018, 18:59, archived)
# I'd have thought producing a mature clone of Freddie Mercury would be much harder than doing a bit of shopping at Asda
Even if it was on a Saturday afternoon.
(, Fri 13 Apr 2018, 19:33, archived)
# Pah
You haven't seen the queues in my Asda
(, Fri 13 Apr 2018, 19:49, archived)