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[challenge entry] :(

it was fun while it lasted

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(, Thu 12 Jul, 19:58, Reply)
At least we can probably take a day trip to visit it. Both France and Croatia are readily accessible from the UK for frankly peanuts.
(, Thu 12 Jul, 21:07, Reply)
# I can't see Croatia beating France...
...which is good because there is a direct train from London to Paris (this is where the cup will be on display I would imagine)
(, Thu 12 Jul, 21:20, Reply)
We can take the Eurostar :-) Football doesn't have to come home to be as disappointing as the Mona Lisa is in person.
(, Thu 12 Jul, 21:35, Reply)
# Haha
(, Thu 12 Jul, 22:15, Reply)
# Hehe heh. Nice one
(, Fri 13 Jul, 1:20, Reply)