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# Are there any women here?????
(, Thu 9 Aug, 19:15, Reply)
# I'm interested to hear what b3ta's antisemitism code is
(, Thu 9 Aug, 19:24, Reply)
# Not sure, it's probably <antisem> </antisem> or some other old html like the rest of the site
(, Thu 9 Aug, 20:44, Reply)
# <rimshot> </rimshot>
(, Thu 9 Aug, 23:35, Reply)
# With HateTML5 it became <corbyn></corbyn>
(, Fri 10 Aug, 13:20, Reply)
# There are 11 rules. I have decided to adopt all but 3 of them

Have fun and join in with the conversations
Post pictures you have made
Post links to your new web projects
Say nice things about the pictures you like and Israel.


Post stuff that is, or looks like porn - (see NSFW section)
Post pictures from sites that are not your own
Repost your old pictures in a new thread - that's what the 'View Older Messages' link is for.
Spam your website over and over again.
Be nasty or offensive to Israel or other boarders
Be boring
Mention Israel.
(, Thu 9 Aug, 21:37, Reply)
# Oops
Iíve been naughty...

Look over there!
(, Fri 10 Aug, 3:37, Reply)
is that a pancake?
(, Fri 10 Aug, 11:51, Reply)