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[challenge entry] Kenny is back on tour -- woo!

Click to see his promo poster!
maybe this one's just for the plus-30's crowd, like me, eh?

Edit: Here's a pic to compare Cat and Kenny back in their respective hay-days.
Kenny is now a New Age Winnie-the-Pooh fan, and Cat Steven long ago converted to Islam, etc.
Google it all if you care, right?! ;)

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(, Sun 2 May 2004, 22:35, archived)
# for some reason,
i don't know what the hell this compo is all about.
maybe im too young [16]
(, Sun 2 May 2004, 22:36, archived)
# Its
something to do with poo corner, or something like that
(, Sun 2 May 2004, 22:38, archived)
# ohhh
that's the smelliest of all the corners.
(, Sun 2 May 2004, 22:39, archived)
# 27 and still not a clue...
...yet we scramble to please like the tireless stoats that we are.
(, Sun 2 May 2004, 22:38, archived)
# i actually consitered shopping him
even though i have no idea who he is.
(, Sun 2 May 2004, 22:41, archived)
# I've been somewhat confused as well,
and I was around for Kenny's eighties revival.

But perhaps it is exactly the pointless absurdity of this particular challenge that can make it somewhat enjoyable, even for those of us who are slightly confused (me) all the way to those of us who are completely confused (mid-twenties and younger).

Because... (and this is my big theory) ...perhaps the b3tan challenge dictator wants to encourage a new meme....?
(, Sun 2 May 2004, 22:45, archived)