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# Woo...
and Yay to boot... Haven't actually done anything for GTA3PC as yet, apart from a couple of cut-n-shut Fido skins; not as yet got the hang of this 3D editing malarky, and I don't foresee it happening any time soon either!

What is that, a Beemer 5-series? Does it come with an airbag, or similar flotation device?
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:32, archived)
# it's probably a 5 series
BMWs all look the same to me. When I say made, I didn't do the model, just edited the texture. I'm not that talented unfortunately!

pinched the original model from
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:35, archived)
# arf!
(to the airbag comment)
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:36, archived)
# u should try
gmax...its free cutdown version of 3d studio max and fairly straightforward - I am learning it just now...
(my brother in law works at rockstar games - I muchly want to work there)

welcome aboard!
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:43, archived)
# I have it, ...
I installed it off the FS2K2 Pro disk(s). The problem is I just can't grasp the whole set of concepts behind using a 2D workspace to create a 3D object... But then, when I started using computers, "3D graphics" meant either wearing a pair of bi-coloured glasses or owning a Vectrex!
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:48, archived)
# when I started...
using computers we were lucky to have graphics... and we had to eat hot gravel for breakfast etc..etc..
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:53, archived)
# And when we got home,
our mother and father would take our pictures, photoswap us to make it look like we'd died and gone to hell, and post them all on B3ta.

I'd love to go to hell, after all that's where all the great comics must end up!
(, Wed 18 Dec 2002, 21:59, archived)