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This is a normal post How does this not make him a cunt?
It's *exactly* the kind of thing a coked-up, psychotic narcissist would do, to 'prove' that he was right & it was just everyone else in the world in the wrong.
(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 10:52, Reply)
This is a normal post Oh he'll still be a cunt, don't worry.
It just beggars belief that some people are utterly unable to accept that fact that they're not wanted by the public, regardless of how much 'positive' stuff Max Clifford can pump into the press on their behalf. Oh, hang on, it worked for Bog Wallah-Batterer, Cheryl Tweedy :(
I love how he wants the world to see the 'real JLC'. As if, we didn't all see and hear all that during the court case.
(, Fri 7 Dec 2012, 11:04, Reply)