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This is a normal post I think Islamophobia is all tied into it,
the trouble seems to have started with that whole 9/11 thing (or at least that really brought it out). There was a documentary someone posted here a while ago about the rise of American-style Christian fundamentalism in this country, and one of the guys interviewed seemed to be possessed of the motivation that, if we let go of our Christianity, the Muslims will take over, so we have to be extra Christian to counteract it.

The situation in Africa is also a concern, a lot of the African churches are now being essentially bribed by American evangelical benefactors to promote their ultra-right-wing agenda in the continent.

Russia is still coping with the fall of Communism and trying to create a new identity out of it. I guess it left an ideology vacuum.
(, Wed 23 Jan 2013, 20:11, Reply)