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This is a question Have you ever started a fire?

I went to sleep with candles burning - woke up to a circle of flame on the rug. Thought, "Tits. Better put the rug in the bath and turn the taps on." TIP: Don't put a burning rug into a fibre glass bath. I caused about 5000 of damage to the house and was coughing up smoky black phlegm for a few weeks. Can you beat that?

(, Tue 2 Mar 2004, 17:48)
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hmm, lets see
Mucking around with a can of deoderant and pursuaded a mate to spray some on his hand and light it.
Another time in science, I sprayed deodrerant over one of those tall taps and lit that, causing the spout to melt. Luckily it still worked and I dont think the teacher ever noticed.

Setting wasps nest on fire with a deoderant can 'flamethrower' is always fun as well.

Nearly set my bed alight when my angle-poise lamp tipped over so that the bulb was touching the pillow while i was in the bathroom. I still have a pillow case with a large hole in it where it scorched right through.
(, Thu 4 Mar 2004, 1:38, closed)

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