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This is a question B3ta Villain of the Year 2010

We voted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as B3ta's Person of the Year. Who do you have as 2010's scoundrel and why?

(, Thu 23 Dec 2010, 12:34)
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he has a perfectly valid point. The only reason the troops are kept there is so the governent don't lose face, nothing more.
(, Mon 27 Dec 2010, 20:28, closed)

I don't read the Daily Mail, and I don't give a tupenny fuck about your approval or lack thereof. If a person's understanding of global politics is basically 'lol solders r teh bad rofl", I feel they can be safely ignored.
(, Mon 27 Dec 2010, 22:18, closed)
So blaming the troops is a valid point?

(, Tue 28 Dec 2010, 11:53, closed)
I think blaming the troops
that know an action will lead to the death of innocents is very valid.
I think hero worshipping only the soldiers that refused to fight when they knew exactly how little consideration was given to these innocents is also very valid.
(, Wed 29 Dec 2010, 22:00, closed)

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