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I'm in love with a crustacean called Mabel

(, Fri 17 Aug 2007, 0:07, archived)
I'm this bored >
When I was young and fancy-free
I went to see the world
I visted the farest east,
and found myself a girl

A charming lass, she was, dear friend
and in the sack, quite able
I swore I'd love her to the end,
My dearest, eastern Mabel

We walked the plains, we saw the sights
No beauty passed us by
We walked the mountains, scaled the heights
Until we touched the sky

But walking back - a tragedy -
A rockfall was upon us
When it was done, there was just me,
A lonely young adonis

For Mabel, she had took the brunt,
Of all this falling stone.
Squashed quite flat, the silly cunt
Had left me all alone.

Bereft, I sit alone and dream,
Wanking in frustration,
Mourning the loss of my eastern queen -
Mabel, the crustacean.
(, Fri 17 Aug 2007, 0:34, archived)
Yay :)
That's beautiful
(, Fri 17 Aug 2007, 0:45, archived)
'crustacean' turned out not to be so photetically close to 'crushed asian' as I had hoped.

Oh, well.

I should probably try to do something more productive, anyhow...
(, Fri 17 Aug 2007, 0:48, archived)
It touched me in many ways
& has been linked to in my profile
(, Fri 17 Aug 2007, 0:51, archived)
I'm genuinely honoured
(, Fri 17 Aug 2007, 0:58, archived)