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only sometimes?
have you seen iron man, thor and captain america?
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 13:31, archived)
Of course I have
and Hulk.
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 13:31, archived)
The good one
Not the baffling one with Nick Nolte and his weird poodle
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 13:35, archived)
i was just thinking of things you could do in the time between now and when you eventually get to see it
aren't grandparents usually the reliable choice for babysitting?

alternatively, stick them on the trampoline and seal the net that goes round the outside. tell them it's a cage match
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 13:38, archived)
Not really
Let this be a lesson to you ruin all your fun.
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 13:40, archived)