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Did the Jurassic Coast in 2016, don't think my kids are daft enough to believe we'd left the country if we went back.

(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 15:55, archived)
i'd love to live down there
(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 16:03, archived)
I'd happily go back there.
But not this year.
(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 16:08, archived)
my cousin and her partner took me there a few years ago
as a treat after i broke my arm. absolutely loved it! everywhere sells americano coffee and we saw star trek beyond in dorchester
(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 16:16, archived)
thatís practically a Dawn Syndrome post

(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 17:47, archived)
Lyme Regis is fucking awesome

(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 16:19, archived)
only got to drive through there
axminster was quite nice, we went to that river cottage canteen. carrot cake was fucking epic.
(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 16:22, archived)