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Not much to say really, I spend most of my time lurking on QOTW due to the fact I'm not very good at writing so leave it to the professionals.

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» When I met the parents

Theatres are dangerous places
Was working down at my local theatre when a random bloke came up to me and demanded I take him to see his daughter, me being in a bad mood anyway said "sorry mate, but im a bit busy at the moment" he starts ranting on at me about being polite and needing to respect my elders, que me turning around saying "With all due respect sir, FUCK OFF BEFORE I'M FORCED TO RAM YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ARSE"
Next day meet the girlfriends parents, get a very dodgy look from her dad then remember he's the fuckwit from the theatre.
We split up after that!
Apols for length and so on.
(Mon 23rd May 2005, 10:35, More)

» My most gullible moment

Gullible Workmates
One of my workmates isnít the brightest button in the box and can be easily convinced of just about anything. The two the spring to mind:

We have certain rules about what you can and cannot eat/drink at your desks, one of the banned foods is cheese, upon asking why I informed her, it's because little bits of cheese get into the keyboards and attract mice that in turn eat through the buttons to get to it. (As far as I'm aware she still believes this).

Secondly: The Red Arrows were doing a show (in Torquay I believe) anyway they had to fly over our office, the noise was amazing they were practically touching the top of the trees! When she asked what it was I calmly explained not to worry but the RAF had just intercepted planes from Iraq and were flying off to shoot them down.

I will post more as I remember them.
(Fri 22nd Aug 2008, 11:42, More)

» This book changed my life

The Celestine Prophecy
By James Redfield. This book made me change my outlook on how the world and the nature around you can be perceived and give you energy.
(Thu 15th May 2008, 15:44, More)

» This book changed my life

Not intresting to most but...
The PADI book Adventures In Diving. Completing this book enabled me to finish my diving course and has since opened up a whole new world of underwater wonders and shipwrecks.
(Thu 15th May 2008, 18:03, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

Just plain wrong
SEAWEED, I mean what skumsucking fuckbastard decided when walking along the beach to pick up a handful of green slimey shite and say "oh im gonna take this home fry it and eat it?".
Was fed it once when much younger, made me wretch for about 3 days.
(Thu 15th Jul 2004, 12:41, More)
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