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Oooh it's like a knob only smaller!!

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The Queen gets all the best shit. No Fair!

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Feeling Rough
So did this to cheer me up

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My ani confidence grows

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» Pet Names

The Irish branch
of my family in Donegal had a black cat named Snowy.
(Wed 25th Feb 2004, 17:41, More)

» Claims to Fame

Hmm where to start
Once took the piss out of Patrick Kielty when he came to the bar complaining he'd lost a quid trying to get some mints out of the machine in gents loos, "Yea, right, mints!"

My missus walked smack into Sir Michael Caine in Boots and has spat at Roy Keane cos he is a cunt!

My mum dated Rick Wakeman many moons ago when he still played piano concerts in the local church hall.

My grandad was a diver in Thunderball and nicked Sean Connery's orange wetsuit. When I asked if he still had it, the twat replied he'd used it diving and worn it out!!!

Chris Evans & Billie used to drink in our pub and he was an alright bloke contrary to popular belief.

George Best was a regular in our pub.
Other celebs to come in the pub:
Charlie Dimmock, Johnnie Vaughn (top bloke), Statto, Robert Vaughn (the last surviving Magnificent 7!), the loony bloke out of my family (Nick) pissed as a twat!, Simon Pegg,
(Mon 28th Feb 2005, 19:28, More)