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(Wed 2nd May 2018, 16:44, More)

It's OK teeth... We know...

(Thu 7th Dec 2017, 9:54, More)

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...

Literally nobody wants to see this. I'm sorry. I have actually disappointed myself. Sorry.

(Mon 13th Nov 2017, 23:44, More)

Seems as good a time as any to post this...

Click for biggy
(Mon 6th Nov 2017, 14:47, More)

Computer, please enhance...

with thanks to the genius that is AnthMoore
(Wed 16th Aug 2017, 14:01, More)

In ancient times, Hundreds of years before the dawn of history...

(Tue 1st Aug 2017, 13:47, More)

When you see how it's done it's quite incredible you never catch glimpse of the tops of the operator's heads really

Click for bigger (243 kb)

(Thu 20th Jul 2017, 21:08, More)

You live by the bird, you die by the bird...

(Wed 12th Jul 2017, 15:22, More)

I, for one, welcome the Queen's subliminal hat trolling...

(Thu 22nd Jun 2017, 0:20, More)


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(Fri 16th Jun 2017, 12:11, More)

Best answers to questions:

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

What's the difference between USA and USB?
One has a white lead and never seems to be the correct way round, the other is is an industry standard that was developed to define cables, connectors and protocols for connection, communication, and power supply between personal computers and their peripheral devices.
(Tue 8th May 2018, 9:38, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

Someone who tries to make a political point but, upon cross examination, is revealed to have done little or no research into the subject being discussed
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 16:25, More)

» Worst Record Ever

Dancing in the Moonlight
by Toploader.
There's only two lines in it as far as I can tell.
And they're both shit. Spend some time on the lyrics boys. zeppelin.
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 14:15, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

When you're just about to go to sleep and Donald Trump tweets something insane.
(Tue 1st May 2018, 0:44, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

A person texting in public who hasn't disabled the keyboard noise on their phone
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 18:34, More)
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