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@lexistwit on the twitters. One of that @mockeree lot.

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Reservoir Doge

(Mon 18th Mar 2019, 8:15, More)

Bridget Jones's Dairy

(Sun 3rd Mar 2019, 0:10, More)

Bram Stoker's Primula

(Sat 2nd Mar 2019, 22:05, More)

Ok then, let's get the obvious one out of the way.

(Fri 11th Jan 2019, 19:05, More)

Well, nearly.

(Sun 6th Jan 2019, 23:25, More)

(Sat 5th Jan 2019, 10:57, More)

Remember when Facebook was done by fax?

(Sun 30th Dec 2018, 12:49, More)

Getting Salvador Daleks out of the way so you don't have to.

(Fri 23rd Nov 2018, 15:31, More)

Walking in the aaaarrrrghh

(Tue 16th Oct 2018, 3:40, More)

The Vampire Bites Neck

(Mon 15th Oct 2018, 1:34, More)

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