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# However nice this is, your 260 frame 2,826.34 kB animation is perhaps a little large?
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 18:25, archived)
# ^this
and slow, I got bored after 1,2,3 what came next?
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 18:34, archived)
# I liked it, it's just big giffs start to freeze and fuck my PC, and they're getting posted more frequently..
Someone posted a 3.5Mb one yesterday, that requiered task manager to escape and restart to get things going again...
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 18:43, archived)
# Looks perfectly ok and I agree about the huge gifs being posted lately
Frame rate really could be faster though as potential punter isn't going to stand there waiting for each line
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 18:53, archived)
# indeed
though it's literally a function of the number of screens we have multiplexed to create the size of screen we have. With a smarter controller we could get a higher frame rate but that's a) what version 2's are for and b) a creative constraint!
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:04, archived)
# damn those creative restraints
go down the pub drink 10 pints go back and insist they do it your way (used to work for me) :D
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:22, archived)
# I'd be happy to just go to the pub for 10 pints:-)
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:30, archived)
# Frame rate is always a sod to get right with people using so many different browsers...
What flys in one browser, lags in another one....
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:07, archived)
# 0.02s per frame is fine for eye melting gifs in firefox.
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:12, archived)
# I made this when all I used was IE6.. it was timed perfectly as I thought
Now I use Firefox, the first time I reposted it an saw it in Firwfox, JEEEEEZZZE!
I keep meaning to retime it so it's least fit inducing, don't click if you don't like flashy.....although if you use IE you should be fine..
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:20, archived)
# I had same problem, can't remember the technical reason why
but I remember a nice person here said Firefox was fairly accurate for speed
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:36, archived)
# I know the the technical reasons why or understand it inside my head would be more accurate....
But me being a thicko, don't know the right tecnical or none tecnical words to discribe it !! ;-)
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:43, archived)
# The code did it.
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:49, archived)
# Clean concise and to the point!
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:57, archived)
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:46, archived)
# true true
Actually it's bit of a fail at the compression end of our drawing tool which we're working on - basically it should output at around the rate which photoshop's 'restrictive' setting does (and will, once we've iterated it).
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 18:37, archived)
# It's just b3ta recomends about a 400Kb maximum for animated images.......
Good luck with your project:-)
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 18:46, archived)
# surely
removed offending enormity
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 18:47, archived)
# Well the least I can do for you then sir is give you this to post in its place....
It's 425Kb so just about scrapes through, it's not as good quality as yours but gives people the idea, if they want to click you link for your full sized splendid version :-)
please feel free to use it if you want to:-)
(, Tue 31 Jan 2012, 19:03, archived)