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Best of the Board
Happy Shitmas Everybody!

Brexit 1 year anniversary, and nearly 10 years since 7/7.
Also, I love b3ta because this is probably the only place I could get away with posting this.

(Barbarossa, Fri 23 Jun, 11:07, 2 replies)
Queen Buckethead

(Barbarossa, Thu 22 Jun, 15:03, 2 replies)
I, for one, welcome the Queen's subliminal hat trolling...

(Dr.Dunno, Thu 22 Jun, 0:20, 2 replies)
I love Summer, especially trying out all the new ice cream flavours

(HappyToast, Wed 21 Jun, 17:17, 14 replies)
Dave "Slugger" Davis.

(Captain Howdy, Wed 21 Jun, 15:59, 6 replies)

(S4RK, Wed 21 Jun, 15:33, 7 replies)

(Beau Bo d'Or, Mon 19 Jun, 23:24, 4 replies)
"Please abstain from 'mile-high club' activities until we are airborne."

(LS18, Mon 19 Jun, 23:11, 3 replies)

(blugg, Mon 19 Jun, 22:58, 1 replies)

(monkeon, Mon 19 Jun, 22:05, 0 replies)
The Queen's Hat
Did you see the Queen's Speech? It looked like she was making an outrageous political statement with her hat.
Celebrate this cultural event by designing new headgear for her Majesty.
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set by HappyToast on 22nd Jun at 9am
Fuck that bullshit charity single.
Vic & Bob were way ahead of the curve.
All together now..."Trapped in my flat..."

Posting from my phone so the vid embedding won't bloody work.

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linked to by Fray Brentos on 22nd Jun at 7pm
Sad news about Brian Cant. If you'd like to pay tribute in photoshop then our Ob3tuaries challenge is open.
posted by rob on 19th Jun at 11pm
A week of cows. What more could you want?
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set by HappyToast on 15th Jun at 9am
Question of the Week
The In Laws
My Mother in law has a habit of "gifting". She will take crap she doesn't want anymore and hide it around our house when she visits. Tell us your tales of the In Laws.
Read all 22 stories (open)
asked on 13th Jun at 12pm
Sad news about Adam West. If you'd like to pay tribute in photoshop then our Ob3tuaries challenge is open.
posted by rob on 10th Jun at 6pm
No official newsletter this week - although we have seen a special subscriber only message to the list which you can't see unless you sub ha ha. Anyway it's not like we haven't been busy, check out both the Has Theresa May Resigned Yet? bot and also make sure you read Lord Buckhead's Manifesto. Wow. What an election. What a few days.
posted by rob on 9th Jun at 4pm
Wrong Number
Change the number on your favourite book, film or song title to make it infinitely funnier.
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set by HappyToast on 8th Jun at 4pm
B3ta newsletter 675 out now - make sure you read it. It's the official newsletter of the internet.
posted by rob on 2nd Jun at 6pm
Question of the Week
Family Scandals
What skeletons are there in your family's collective cupboards? Asks enzyme. Tell us your shameful, scurrilous and generally regrettable family histories... for laughs
Read all 24 stories (closed)
asked on 1st Jun at 10pm
404 part 2
We want you to come up with new ideas for the B3ta 404
(Page not found) message. We'll take the best ones and use them on the site, so it's your chance for a little bit of internet fame and immortality.
See all 55 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 31st May at 11pm
John Noakes (1934 - 2017) and Shep (1971-1987) - If you'd like to pay tribute in Photoshop then ob3tuaries is open - and we've put a few of the best here.
posted by rob on 29th May at 11am
B3ta newsletter 674 - our fourth week back and there's a lot of stuff to talk about including saying goodbye to two B3ta heroes Roger Moore and of course Munkt0n. But it's not all sadness - there's the glorious Walkers Crisps trolling and some lovely songs. Really.
posted by rob on 26th May at 5pm
Anti Tory Election Posters
Make some new election posters for the Conservative party. Bonus points for printing them off and sticking them up in public, like the internet anarchists you are.
See all 88 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 24th May at 2pm
Sad to hear the news about Roger Moore - and a little reminder we've got the ob3tuaries challenge open if you wish to pay tribute.
posted by rob on 23rd May at 2pm
B3ta newsletter 673, out now - shit the fucking bed the official newsletter of the internet is out now. Really. Get this into your linkholes and guzzle pure WWW until you die.
posted by rob on 19th May at 5pm
After TV
What jobs do fictional tv characters do after their shows have finished? Show us with the power of computational image manipulation what line of work Yogi bear went in to, how Captain Picard funds his continuing space trips and how The Fonz pays his leather jacket and RSI thumb surgery bills.
See all 31 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 18th May at 1pm
B3ta newsletter 672 - have a fucking newsletter you beautiful bastards. Seriously - your enthusiasm has made us make the effort.
Read newsletter 672
published by rob on 12th May at 4pm
Make Corbyn Electable
Poor Jeremy Corbyn, it seems no matter what sensible things he says about saving the NHS or looking after the little people, he just can't catch the voter's eye.
So this week lets give Jezzer a makeover. Design new campaign posters to change the public's opinion of him, fix the things that turn people away and lets make Corbyn electable.
See all 100 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 10th May at 9am
Introducing the Swear Clock - "I have made a bot. It's a significant development in both swearing and time telling technology. Gonna be rich."
posted by rob on 9th May at 7am
Question of the Week
Best Childhood Memories
"I once sent a painting into Why Don't You." says B3ta veteran Chickenlady. "They didn't show it on the tv programme, or mention me at all, but I got a nice letter back from them. That made 5 year old me very happy."

What happy memories have you from childhood?
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asked on 8th May at 1pm
B3ta newsletter 671, out now - yes we're back for the moment. Did you miss us? We missed you and thought we'd treat you with a newsletter, the kind of thing you haven't seen for 18 months. Genuinely loved writing this, really hope you get something out of it.
Read newsletter 671
published by rob on 5th May at 3pm
We're bored of all the old landmarks, give us some new ones. Drag old things on hills in to the 21st century through the wonders of photoshop.
See all 51 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 4th May at 10am
Elections are always going on, so we're opening an image challenge to cope with them from now until the end of time.
See all 152 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 3rd May at 4pm
Many tentacled wonder of the deep or crispy hooped starter. Show us your Squids, but not Octopuses, that would be wrong.
See all 47 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 27th Apr at 8am