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Best of the Board
Hello B3ta, been a while

Click for bigger (205 kb)

Potoo. The image search you want is Potoo.
(Azrepheal, Thu 26 Apr, 22:19, 1 replies)
a pea'ky blinder...

(S4RK, Thu 26 Apr, 17:46, 0 replies)
Immigrant season... NHS season... privatisation season... affordable housing season... disability season... brexit season...

(S4RK, Thu 26 Apr, 12:48, 7 replies)

(dirk speedrift, Wed 25 Apr, 10:52, 21 replies)
Have a compo pea, as it's quiet?

(Q4nobody, Tue 24 Apr, 13:19, 3 replies)
Not so super

(monkeon, Mon 23 Apr, 21:55, 8 replies)

Yeah, sorry about the fingers Ted
(SteppenHerring, Mon 23 Apr, 20:23, 4 replies)
Kill me now

(Barbarossa, Mon 23 Apr, 14:50, 13 replies)

(Christian's Bolt and Ski, Sun 22 Apr, 20:12, 2 replies)
But you haven't experienced fear like The Tippis

(thecrapgatsby, Fri 20 Apr, 15:39, 7 replies)
Fake Shop Signs
Everyone loves a comically misspelled price tag. Fake up some hilarious signs for pens or veg and make people believe you saw them while out shopping. Or just give us your best shop sign related lols.
See all 11 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 26th Apr at 11am
Alan Sugar believes an unlikely Onion article

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linked to by Paul_P on 26th Apr at 1pm
Contribute to the new B3ta 404 page - last year we asked you to make some new 404 images for our page and you DID. OK, we were a bit late sticking them up but we've done it now so here's the all new 404 page! - and if you'd like to add your own image then we've reopened the challenge - please do and we'll bung the best ones in. UPDATE: Stuck the 404 page on github so if you want to fuck with it and make a diff version you can - and if we like it we'll stick it up.
posted by rob on 24th Apr at 3pm
On the ZX Spectrum's 36th birthday - we've got in touch with the writer of Hey Hey 16k and asked him his thoughts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPECTRUMS!
posted by rob on 23rd Apr at 3pm
Reverse Films
We're reversing the plots of films this week. e.g. Tron - a sprite gets zapped in to the real world and is made to sweep floors and do taxes instead of throwing a frisbee about.
See all 46 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 18th Apr at 8pm
We want to bring the newsletter back and we need your help. We've opened a Patreon to cover the time it takes each week and any money you could bung it to support this would help. 400 supporters is our goal - can you be one of them? https://www.patreon.com/b3ta
posted by rob on 14th Apr at 9am
Poster Art
We're going all cultured and arty again with a trip back to La Belle Époque and the illustrative wonders of early advertising.
B3ta up some Poster Art
See all 43 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 12th Apr at 8am
One word challenge - Flight. It means all sorts, flying in the air, running away, stairs, part of a dart, a trajectory. Show us the pictures it makes in your brain.
See all 67 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 5th Apr at 7am
Book Title Shuffle
Pick a book, move the words on the front around and show us the hilarious visual imagery it suggests. It's a book title rearranging challenge!
See all 75 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 29th Mar at 8am
Historicalize Films
We're setting films in different eras this week. Take a favourite movie and turn back the clock to see how Ghostbusters would look in Victorian times or how Beverly Hills Cop would look in 17th century fashion.
See all 58 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 22nd Mar at 9am
We're all fingers and thumbs typing up the image challenge this week. Fire up photoshop and spill the beans on your favourite idioms, because a picture paints a thousand words.
See all 50 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 15th Mar at 10am
The Horror Web
We're scaring the bejesus out of the internet this week. Re-imagine all your favourite sites through the eyes of Freddy Krueger or show us how The Thing does their online shopping. Horror up the Web and remember, in MySpace no one can hear you scream.
See all 35 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 8th Mar at 9am
Real World Sci-Fi Problems
You never see a space ship being caught speeding in films or a Stormtrooper washing their armour to make it shiny and white again. Show us real world problems in sci-fi movies.
See all 81 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 1st Mar at 8am