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so I hear there's a party in Greece right now

(sithemong, Mon 26 Jan, 13:06, 5 replies)

(Ninj, Mon 26 Jan, 9:37, 14 replies)
There's a voice......

Edit: Thanks guys and gals!
(XLVII, Fri 23 Jan, 10:33, 6 replies)
Miniaturization means they will soon be everywhere.

(Penultimate Straw, Wed 21 Jan, 13:14, 17 replies)
final collectors edition aims to sell an extra few million copies

(HappyToast, Tue 20 Jan, 7:34, 10 replies)
In 1985, all children were given this book for free.

(monkeon, Mon 19 Jan, 15:50, 6 replies)
These buggers are everywhere

Old GIF never posted here, fit nicely into the image challenge this week though
(Sheep!, Fri 16 Jan, 23:55, 21 replies)
cheesiest pick up line ever.

(Ya What?, Fri 16 Jan, 9:22, 17 replies)

(Fresh Water Mole, Thu 15 Jan, 22:19, 4 replies)
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650! 650! 650! Yes, it's B3ta Newsletter 650! Just 350 more of these fuckers and then our sinister Phase II can begin. Have your emergency kitten ready!
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published by rob on 23rd Jan at 6pm
Comedy Crossover
This week we're swapping characters, places and things between comedy films and tv shows.
Delboy falling through the Cheers bar, Herr Flick asking for Pike's name, that sort of thing.
Suggested by monkeon
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set by HappyToast on 22nd Jan at 7am
Question of the Week
More Fire!
It's nearly ten YEARS since we last asked a question about fires.

Channel your inner neanderthal and tell us about fires, mostly to shut up that smug fucker that's made an oh-so-clever "wheel".
Read all 56 stories (open)
asked by chthonic on 20th Jan at 9pm
Roadkill Ep 6 FULL EPISODE! I made this!
Ed the cat and Dave the Rabbit continue their odyssey, Steve the Badger goes skydiving and gets in to a fight and there is a ghost pheasant too.

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We are a grandmother! Of a bouncing baby B3ta Newsletter 649. Want to know what's in it? Noises. Noises and wasps. DON'T CLICK IT WHATEVER YOU DO
Read newsletter 649
published by rob on 16th Jan at 7pm
This week we're taking a close look at the government's plans to spy on us. They want to read our Emails, peek in our zips and even fiddle with our software's backdoor.
Depict your thoughts on this and suggest what other draconian policies they might be plotting.
See all 56 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 14th Jan at 7pm
Spanking new B3ta Newsletter 648 is ready to click and collect. There's an Austerity board game that we made, cute dogs, some frankly psychedelic thing involving the sitcom "Friends" plus more!
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published by rob on 9th Jan at 6pm
Extract a character
This weeks challenge is to extract someone from a famous album cover or film poster and put them in a completely new situation, ideally one that makes us giggle.
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set by HappyToast on 8th Jan at 9am
Question of the Week
Moving home
"Moving house is one the more stressful moments in life," claims Social Hand Grenade. What horrible things have happened to you as you shift your black bin bag of undies from one hovel to the next?
Read all 64 stories (closed)
asked by chthonic on 6th Jan at 1pm
Happy New Year and all that! Also Happy New Newsletter - B3ta Newsletter issue 647 is out now, with Katie Hopkins, Father Jack and cuddly dinosaur and many many more yay!
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published by rob on 2nd Jan at 6pm
Lets start the new year with a one word challenge. Give us your starfishes in all their forms (except for chocolate). Challenge suggested by starfish lover mediocre.
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set by HappyToast on 31st Dec at 5pm
It's time to do your homework with a one word challenge: Maths! (or math for our US cousins).
Give us everything mathematical, adding, subtracting, fractions, geometry, probability etc, because who doesn't like sums?
Answers on my desk by the new year.
See all 31 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 24th Dec at 8am
B3ta Newsletter 646 is out and that means it's almost Christmas - YAY! There's crap robots, hypo-cats and stuff about Russell Brand and what could be more festive than that?
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published by rob on 19th Dec at 6pm
Question of the Week
Office Christmas Parties II
It's 10 years since we last asked for your office party woes. Help us celebrate by telling us of your most embarrassing office party moments.
Read all 44 stories (closed)
asked by chthonic on 19th Dec at 4pm
Piggy Christmas
This week we're combining our porcine cousins with all things festive in the B3ta piggy Christmas extravaganza. Shove all things porky in to Christmas cards, decorations, crackers and presents.
Merry Pigmas.
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set by HappyToast on 17th Dec at 6pm
Dangerous everything
This weeks challenge is to take something relatively safe and make it utterly lethal. Turn cotton wool in to Brillo pads and Fire extinguishers in to flamethrowers.
Suggested by ferret
See all 82 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 10th Dec at 10pm
It's that time and B3ta Newsletter 645 is that place! Or the pub of course. This newsletter is full of crows, music, old British actors and stories about crap hotels.
Read newsletter 645
published by rob on 5th Dec at 5pm
Question of the Week
Homemade Booze
SpanishFly writes, "I have a 'make your own absinthe' kit here, fucking terrified of making it...

"Tell us your stories of when you got so drunk on homemade mead you pissed in the cupboard.
Or tell us about the time you tried to buy wine stabiliser but got chased out of the friendly merchants shop because that compound is used to bash cocaine.
Tell us about the trials and tribulations of not being able to afford 4 cans of strongbow and couldn't brew your own poison so you got pissed on antifreeze and the next day pissed in your own mouth."
Thanks SpanishFly. MAKE THE ABSINTHE
Read all 94 stories (closed)
asked by chthonic on 5th Dec at 9am
Personalised Christmas Cards
It's fast approaching Christmas and public figures are sending out painfully posed personalised cards. So lets mess with them and come up with some new ones.
Politicians, royalty, public figures who do this thing are all fair game.
See all 67 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 4th Dec at 8am
B3ta newsletter 644 is here, so GET OVER IT. Also, it has classist news, a jazz kitten and George Osborne totally tripping his tits off.
Read newsletter 644
published by rob on 28th Nov at 4pm
Question of the Week
More Terrible Hotels
Actually paid to sleep somewhere that turned out to be less compfy, private or clean than the bench in the park outside? Tell us all about it.

Or perhaps you'd like to boast about getting upgraded to a sea-view suite next door to Stevie Wonder, like my colleague keeps doing? Over and over...
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asked by chthonic on 27th Nov at 9am
Art Damage
This week we're dealing with damaged art, from Cecilia Giménez's botched restoration of Ecce Homo to the Venus de Milo. Either damage the art yourself or fix a broken bit.
See all 119 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 27th Nov at 8am