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# Haribo Penis
Right, well after I read the section about Haribos in last weeks newsletter, I thought I'd try and make a Haribo cock.

An uncooked potato
A knife
Haribo candy, I used Gummibears(well, some cheap version of Gummibears in any case)
A microwave
A bowl
A pen
Something to scrape with(you can use the pen if you can't think of anything better)

1. Sort the Haribos by colour
2. Cut the Potato into two halves
3. On one half, draw the shape you would like the Haribos to take. Or just jump to the next step
4. Scrape out half of the potato, making a mould with the required shape.
5. Put the selected Haribos in the bowl and heat up in the microwave.
6. When they are melted, pour them into the scraped out part of the potato, so that there is a bit more than enough to fill it up.
7. Push the untouched half of the potato onto the half filled with Haribo. A bit will squeeze out the sides.
8. Just let it sit there. Or put it in the freezer.
9. Pull the two halves apart, and your Haribo creating should come out quite easily.

I made it a week ago, but haven't been able to get my hands on a camera since then, so I've kept it the while and just took this Picture:

Image hosted by

I should send it in to Haribo, shame it doesn't look like it will come off in one piece, as it seems to have melted onto the plate a bit when it was 28/29 degrees early in the week.

Cleaning is easy, it dissolves perfectly in hot water. Just smells a bit.

I might do it all again and take pictures of each step if I can be arsed.

Sorry about the shit picture. The white thing it's on is a plate.
(, Mon 12 Sep 2005, 22:28, archived)
# excellent work!
Faboo, top marks for effort and detail!
(, Mon 12 Sep 2005, 22:31, archived)
# this deserves a hearty woo
(, Mon 12 Sep 2005, 22:31, archived)
# woo
yay!!! a success finally! b3ta news letter for sure.
(, Mon 12 Sep 2005, 22:32, archived)
# Fanta-stick!
and the spunk finishes it off perfectly!
(, Mon 12 Sep 2005, 22:33, archived)
# That
was unintentional.

But thank you.

Perhaps I'll scrape it off and eat it later. After all, the red ones have always been my favourite.
(, Mon 12 Sep 2005, 22:37, archived)
# Arf!
I bow down to your superior Haribo skills
(, Fri 16 Sep 2005, 21:35, archived)
# That is most woo.
What ever you do, don't do goatse.
(, Fri 16 Sep 2005, 23:11, archived)