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made up problems

Made up problems

This weeks challenge is to think up more of those made up problems that ad men use to sell products. Tongue cleaners on toothbrushes, scented tampons etc. Challenge suggested by Afinkawan. See the entries »

80s now

80s Now

This week we're painting the present with the dayglo and new romantic colours of the 80s. Fire up Photoshop and transform everything current in to a Duran Duran nightmare. Challenge suggested by Afinkawan. See the entries »

minimalist movie posters

Minimalist Movie Posters

This weeks challenge is to distil your favourite movie in to the simplest visual form and stick it up as a minimalist poster. Bonus points for stuff like Police Academy 6 or Stop or my Mom will shoot. Challenge suggested by monkeon See the entries »

toy mashup

Toy Mashup

This weeks challenge is to play Doctor Frankenstein with your playthings and combine existing toys in to one new glorious or horrific super toy. Insert Barbie in to Ken and turn Toy Story in to the Human Centipede. Bonus points for ignoring Photoshop and using hacksaws and superglue on the real things. See the entries »

bigger picture

Bigger Picture

This weeks image challenge is to rummage through art galleries and extend classic works of art in all directions. Show us what is going on beyond the boundaries of the frame, the things the original artist cropped out. Suggested by cinquante neuf See the entries »

invent an animal

Invent an animal

This week we're playing god and inventing some new animals. So head to the drawing board and think up the obvious omissions from the zoological society's database. Bonus points for basing your creation on SCIENCE! See the entries »

delete things from history

Delete things from history

Google have been told to delete search results and let things be forgotten. Lets take this rewriting of history further, erase parts of the past and act like some things never happened. (suggested by fridgefreezer) See the entries »

fake infographics

Fake Infographics

This week we want to see your own infographics, but instead of bothering to go to the effort of googling and/or fact checking the info, just make it all up. See the entries »

smash hits

Smash Hits

This week we're heading back to the glossy pop and fun-fact filled days of Smash Hits magazine. So pop down the newsagents on your BMX, grab a copy and then show and tell us what Duran Duran and Spandau are up to. See the entries »

verbular celebrities

Verbular Celebrities

This weeks image challenge is to find famous people with verbs for names and photoshop them doing what it sounds like they are doing. Challenge inspired by giant_squid and suggested by Mictoboy. See the entries »

comedy history

Comedy History

This weeks challenge is to show us the history of comedy. The birth of jokes, pranks caught on camera and the hilarious stuff people did to alleviate the misery of living before Youtube fail vids. See the entries »

first versions

First Versions

We take a lot of everyday things for granted. Wheels, knives, boxes, glue, electricity, Tampax, goldfish. This week we want you to show us the failed first attempts at inventing everyday household items such as these. Challenge suggested by Munsta See the entries »

hidden horrors

Hidden Horrors

This weeks image challenge is to show us the cracks in the skin of the world and the horrors that lie beneath. Let us see the true face of the monsters around us, the things that go bump in the night and leave all that drool under your bed. Challenge suggested by ferret. See the entries »

books that should exist

Books that should exist

This weeks challenge is to think up all the books that don't exist but should: Gardening and Patio design by Fred West, Henri Paul's book of driver safety.. Etc... Show us what you want to read. challenge suggested by robneymcplum See the entries »

b3ta banksy

b3ta banksy

This week we're joining in with art terrorist Banksy in his fabulous Art Attack style adventures. Boot up Streetview, find a wall or something and spraypaint a naughty on it, B3ta style. Suggested by Twisted Omentum See the entries »

album adverts

Album Adverts

This weeks image challenge is to turn classic album art in to adverts for dull products. Give ageing pop and rock stars a hand selling out. (suggested by Monkeon) See the entries »



Captn Hood-Butter asks, "Can we have a challenge where we alter famous logos to make them more b3ta-esque?". Of course we can, Captn. It's this week. Thanks. See the entries »



One-word challenge: Fire! This week's task is to celebrate the world of conflagration and combustion, from the Great Fire to forest fires to fire breathing. Fire! See the entries »

heavy metal

Heavy Metal

This week's challenge is to give everything a heavy metal makeover: extra points for cats wearing bullet belts, long hair, codpieces and Satan. See the entries »

the deep

The Deep

This week, dolphinwhisperer asks, "What's right down at the very bottom of the sea?". It's a very good question, and one we'd like you to answer via the medium of this week's image challenge. See the entries »

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