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This is a normal post Mexico: 1
Canada: 4
USA: 51
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 16:47, Reply)
This is a normal post But the guns that do the most damage among the cartels are not manufactured in either Canada or Mexico
Usually China, Bulgaria, or some other AK 47 hotspot.
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 16:49, Reply)
This is a normal post I'm trying to find out. I got this so far:
Is gun theft a part of the illegal gun problem?
Yes, gun theft is one of the ways guns are diverted to the illegal market. The ATF reports that over 13,000 guns are lost or stolen from dealers nationwide each year. Estimates show that as many as 32% of crime guns are acquired through theft.5 6
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 16:57, Reply)
This is a normal post "According to ATF data, 70 percent of firearms recovered and traced in drug cartel crimes in Mexico originated from the United States."
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 17:12, Reply)