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This is a normal post Did it briefly...
...a few useful things can be learned early on - mainly involving getting out of people grabbing you and finger/wrist locks. But translating it to the real world is far more difficult than other combative martial arts and it's generally less useful than more aggressive styles.

There's a reason why there aren't any aikido practitioners in MMA (aside from the fact that small joint locks aren't allowed), even in the early days when there were very few rules it was mainly kickbboxers/wrestlers/Jiu Jitsu/Judo practitioners.
(, Mon 4 Feb 2013, 22:58, Reply)
This is a normal post Aikido isn't the best tool in the box for MMA.
The assumption for Aikido would be multiple attackers all with swords.
MMA and rolling on the ground isn't the right tool for that situation.
And despite what Draconacticus thinks about 'KI' (which is wrong) I did Gracie Jiu-Jitsu back when that was the thing and Ki Aikido works as I do that too. Looks shite on film I grant you.
Different class each evening so must have been doing MMA by accident.

Systema isn't used in MMA as one guy would be dead. That would be a crap sport. Systema was fun. Good strikes.

I'm off the belief that there is no such thing as A "style" they are all focused aspects of the same thing.
Get a teacher that is not a wanker. Don't stay in the class if you get hurt too often cos one training partner is a knob.

No matter what you pick. I've made the best friends from doing Martial arts. Start NOW for that reason alone.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2013, 2:08, Reply)