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Had a small lol at the end of the article
when the woman talked about how she hoped the muppet would one day no longer be seen as "Julia with autism" but "just Julia", when the entire purpose of her existence on Sesame Street is to be "the one with autism".
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 12:16, archived)
Entire cast of TBBT replaced with grey dullards possessing not one single defining trait, and still idiots watch it

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 12:20, archived)
London's Burning had a black character called 'Token'
that was only, what, 25 years ago?
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 12:22, archived)

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 12:26, archived)
How did they get away with that one?
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 12:29, archived)
I only remember it cos I asked my Dad what it meant
and since he was in the police at the time, he went off on a massive rant about positive discrimination etc etc
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 12:33, archived)
a friend of mine during his best man speech for his black bandmate made a joke about how he was the token black member of the band
amazingly the predominantly black audience didn't collapse into fits of laughter
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 12:36, archived)
south park has a character whose actual name is 'token black'

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 13:00, archived)