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Name: Dave
Age: Holy fuck I've hit fifty...
Lives: London
Months lurked on B3ta before posting: many
Understanding of memes, themes, flame-worthy crimes& cats: 8%

Flatfrog made this for me at the B3ta DrikieDoodle:

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British experts help analyse likely route of Malaysian plane
EDIT: Holy Shit! My first FP!
(Tue 25th Mar 2014, 8:47, More)

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» Amazing Projects

I was particularly proud of the hill climb part of the track...

(Thu 17th Nov 2011, 21:04, More)

» Silly Achievements

I had a letter printed in Private Eye the week Linda McCartney died. I quote:
"I note Linda McCartney has requested that instead of flowers, well-wishers donate to charities for animal welfare and cancer research in her memory. Perhaps if her animal welfare friends had stopped firebombing medical research clinics, they might have found a cure for her cancer earlier."
My proudest publication ever.
(Tue 21st Oct 2014, 23:55, More)

» The best thing I've built


There were even little LED lights in the tunnels...
(Thu 11th Oct 2012, 21:57, More)

» Bad gigs

At last, an opportunity to pearoast something...
So there the three of us were at some godforsaken student union bar in North London pissed up on warm pints of Brown Ale watching The Adverts for some reason. My mate Jule was a big fan, as I was, but our other mate Elvis (named for his thick black NHS glasses) didn't know them so well.

A few days earlier I'd recorded a C60 with the "Crossing The Red Sea" album so he'd know the band before we saw them; there was enough space at the end to stick a couple of singles on, including "Take Me I'm Yours" by Squeeze.

I can still see it now; a crowd of punks leaping around yelling for their favourite Adverts song; "Play One Chord Wonders yer bastards", "Come on, lets have Bomsite Boy" etc etc, and in the middle of this gobbing maelstrom is my mate jumping up and down yelling "Take Me, I'm Yours"...

I still have trouble with bladder control when I think about it.
(Sun 28th Jul 2013, 10:53, More)

» Attention whore

I once stole a broken sign from the street and kept it in my car port.
I said "SLOW" so I left it on display so people would understand and make allowances for my behavior.
(Thu 14th Nov 2013, 14:49, More)
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