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[More] Fri 18 Dec

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"Yes, very funny, Mister Sulu. Now put the old one back, please."

(Mon 30th Mar 2015, 0:21, More)

imma google glass his face if he doesn't shut up

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i'm recyclin' it

Click for 1MB version that isn't optimised to fuck

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mods are asleep, post dogs

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bleep bloop

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So like, yeah. This.

Ta for the fp :)
(Sun 16th Jun 2013, 1:30, More)

Also, not very compo relevant at all etc etc

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» Christmas Tales

My name is father christmas and i live in lapland. it is fantastic. i bring your seasonal gifts. i like seasonal gifts. one time you lit a fire. i went down your chimney, but the flames burnt my feet. i didnt like it

(Sun 29th Dec 2013, 14:52, More)

» Lego

(Thu 24th Oct 2013, 15:34, More)

» Dodgy boozers

Gay bar in Soho, some poor bastard had been tied naked to a lamppost just outside while he was passed out.
There was a long queue of homosexuals waiting to take turns in "sausaging" him.
(Tue 11th Feb 2014, 12:51, More)

» Dressing Up

Three years ago ...

Looked better when I was standing but for some reason all the photos show me sitting
(Sun 28th Oct 2012, 23:03, More)

» Pure Fury

About a year ago my aunt was heavily pregnant.
Due to my mother being born many years earlier my aunt is actually younger than me, and is a very attractive lady. She went through boyfriends like there's no tomorrow, and yet whenever she was single I always tried to suppress my feelings for her as I knew it'd just be wrong.

One evening I was visiting her in her fifth floor apartment when she seemed in some discomfort. "The baby's kicking", groaned my aunt. She was wearing a sexy short top that showed the massive bulge of her belly, and I could swear I saw movement. Very gently, I put my hand on the area to feel it.

Just then her most recent partner (DS Robbins) came storming into the room, out of breath and heart hammering after climbing nine flights of stairs, sat down opposite and demanded to know what the hell I thought I was doing. He's never got on with me since he caught me diddling the station's sniffer dog. The sneering Robbins made some comment about my previous kiddie-fiddling convictions, and inferred that I couldn't even wait for my cousin to be born before going to work on her. As a totally reformed character I naturally saw red immediately, and hauled him to his feet. My manly 6'7 physique and rippling, ex-SAS musculature meant that the scrawny 5'4 copper's feet were off the ground.


With that, I hurled him bodily through the penthouse's plate glass window, and he fell screaming to his death, body smashed apart across the roof of his Honda parked on the street twenty floors down.

It all turned out alright though because my aunt was splitting up with him anyway and had caught the whole episode on her iPhone 7 and the judge let me off because ex-nonces have to stick together, right?
(Tue 1st Oct 2013, 14:14, More)
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