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# Yeah, I didn't really know what to do with that arm.
And this isn't the fox soldier I draw all the time. It's actually kind of my avatar. :D
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 21:26, archived)
# Ah yes, I thought he was a bit more cartoony than your usual character
Still, really good though and I predict more great things to come
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 21:29, archived)
# I'll probably carry on making GIFs... possibly with the other character instead.
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 21:49, archived)
# I look forward to it
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 22:04, archived)
# woo hoo!!
glad you are giving it a go :))
this is one my nephew made today of Pyro, he wants to be an illustrator/design games characters, yay! I only knew who Pyro was because of b3ta & i think one of your recent pics?! haha...

(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 22:45, archived)
# Haha, nice! :D
You should tell him it's a good industry to get into :) illustrators and games designers get paid LOADS, though it is quite competitive. ^^
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 22:56, archived)
# thanks!! he loves it, & is really good for 11 too!!
it looks a bit scruffy because he used my pastels, which is all i had to hand. going to take pencils & things round tomorrow so we can so some drawing together :))

we made this gif too..
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 23:16, archived)
# Good good :)
The key to being a good illustration is drawing from reference, very rarely from memory. Then just go from there. :)
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 23:33, archived)
# cool, he draws his space marines after painting them, will show him what you said :))
good stuff, learnt loads on here lately :D
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 23:53, archived)
# Nice one :)
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 0:20, archived)