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This is a question What nonsense did you believe in as a kid?

Ever thought that you could get flushed down the loo? That girls wee out their bottoms? Or that bumming means two men rubbing their bums together? Tell us about your childhood misconceptions. Thanks to Joefish for the suggestion.

(, Wed 18 Jan 2012, 15:21)
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If your Mrs got my daughter doing things like that at school,
I'd report her and have her fired.
I'm assuming this is bullshit as there is no way the other teachers would have gone along with it, for fear of being fired themselves.
Edit/Add on: I sincerely hope the child went home, flipped his parents the bird, told them to spin on it, and then told them his teaching assistant had taught him to do it. And I hope your wife gets fired.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 11:12, closed)
Miserable twunt
I hope you lose your job for being a soulless twat who sucks the life out any situation.

May your balls swivel to burnt raisens and drip pus on your lino.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 11:20, closed)
I'm a girl.
I don't have balls. But thanks for the sentiment anyway.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 11:33, closed)
It's my guess that you work for the local council.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 12:28, closed)

(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 12:33, closed)
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 12:38, closed)

(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 13:20, closed)
you must sit around watching Jeremy Kyle all day then.

There has to be something that has drained your sense of humour ripped your 'live and let live' attitude out of your arse.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 13:24, closed)

Maybe it's having a child of my own and being disgusted at the thought that the professionals that are paid to care for our children think it's ok to behave in this way.
I have a sense of humor, I just don't think this is remotely funny.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 14:11, closed)
well it looks like you're in the minority
and judging by your replies it is becoming painfully apparent that you DONT have a sense of humour.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 14:46, closed)
Or, you know, different people just find different things funny
you pompous ass.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 14:47, closed)
Fair point
But if people are going to get so tetchy about posts such as this then perhaps they should look for another site?
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 14:54, closed)
Well, yes, there is a case for us all keeping our mouths shut, I grant you.
But where's the fun in that?
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 14:55, closed)
Another fair point

(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 14:57, closed)
Crikey, you're right!...

My wife said: "Sid, could you please tell the teacher about how brave you’ve been?” and THE TEACHER then did the rest.

Of course they should all be killed immediately. The kid too, just for being there. And the school should be burnt to the ground.

Or you could read the post again.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 11:25, closed)
The teacher made up the "spin" then sent the child to show another teacher.
Totally the childs fault, yes, with no input from the teachers at all.

It doesn't matter anyway as the story is obvious bullshit as no teaching professional wold ever act that way.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 11:28, closed)
A couple of things...

1. Do you actually read? or just scan over words then get in a blurry rage?

2. Story is true I'm afraid. There's my obvious poetic licence as I actually wasn't there, but that's pretty much how I heard it.

3. Teachers are people too. They have senses of humour. I'm sorry if you don't.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 11:35, closed)
Poetic Licence = lies?
What's funny about teaching a small child that doesn't belong to you to flip the bird. Your wife encouraged this behaviour, and got the ball rolling.
I'd have her head on a stick.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 11:44, closed)
2 of my mates are teachers
and this post is fucking tame compared to some of the stories i've heard from them. I reckon you'd be in for a helluva shock if you found out what most likely goes on at your daughters school.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 12:01, closed)
Oh shut the fuck up, you oxygen-thieving waste of DNA.
I've seen cheerier funeral directors than you. This is aimed at user_names_suck, incidentally.
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 13:05, closed)
The Daily Mail.... strong with this one.

(user_names_suck that is).
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 13:18, closed)
Her head on a stick? Really? For this?
Sheeesh, if you bothered to stop shouting 'hatecrime' for a second you might enjoy what is a harmless, fun (and funny) post.

What's the matter? Time of the month?
(, Tue 24 Jan 2012, 14:39, closed)
having a laugh with an oblivious child with a joke that goes over his head and creates no harm to anyone is far worse than so-called cyber-bullying i.e. calling people Fat Slags on-line, posting their phone number on the inter-webs, sending pizza delivery people trying to earn a crust (pun intended) on non-fruitful errands, no doubt berated by their boss when they are unable to deliver their goods, and may in some instances have even lost their jobs over it.

But hey ho...having a laugh at work is a far worse crime.
(, Wed 25 Jan 2012, 22:59, closed)

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