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This is a question My Christmas Nightmare

The bringing together of one's family and friends over the holiday period is never quite as fun as it is supposed to be: this year, my mum and dad will be in the same room for the first time in 28 months. It should prove interesting.

Tell us about the nightmares you've had over christmas.

(, Thu 23 Dec 2004, 13:46)
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Our family has gone through a succession of terriers; all have eaten many things they're not supposed to. However, one Christmas, one of them really excelled herself.

My mum always puts little bowls of chocolates on the table for the end of Christmas lunch; she does this first thing in the morning, then does the rest of lunch. She comes in about an hour later to find the dog on the table having eaten most of the chocolates. Dog is reprimanded and sulks off to her basket.

Half an hour later, the dog is found again, this time in the pantry, eating the mince pies which were stupidly left on a low shelf. This can't be good; and from about ten minutes later, the dog is sick at regular half hour intervals for the rest of Christmas Day. I spent most of the afternoon clearing up the mess whilst my parents entertained the rellies. Nice!
(, Fri 24 Dec 2004, 10:34, closed)

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