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This is a question One Night Stands

Freddie Woo says: "I was young and desperate, she was older, divorced and was sick on me. Seemed an acceptable criticism at the time." Tell us about your one night stand disasters, or lie about your triumphs.

(, Thu 13 Mar 2014, 16:05)
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no no, it's really funny, read it again

(, Fri 14 Mar 2014, 10:20, closed)
Skim reading it says 'socially inept blokebloke has crap shag with desperate fat lass' which I assume happens after every single qftw real-world meeting.

(, Fri 14 Mar 2014, 10:30, closed)
he was put off his 'fingering technique' by having to move her gunt out of the way

(, Fri 14 Mar 2014, 10:50, closed)
Sounds like the sort of woofter who engages in 'foreplay'.
What's wrong with just spitting on it and whamming it home like a real man.
(, Fri 14 Mar 2014, 10:56, closed)
I see what you're doing here.
Angling for an invite to their next baysh.
(, Fri 14 Mar 2014, 11:03, closed)
oh boy
It's years since I had an internerd fumbling ineptly with my gunt.
(, Fri 14 Mar 2014, 11:12, closed)

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