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(, Fri 25 May 2012, 16:20, archived)
# XD Awesome as always!!
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 16:23, archived)
# Thank you Moggy (Positive Thinking)!
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:08, archived)
# You're welcome ^^
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 21:58, archived)
# Grrrr, curse b3tards for not loading! >_<
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 16:25, archived)
# O_O
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:07, archived)
# Yeah, it's just redex for everything from b3tards, and I can't get on the site itself.
Might just be my internet, but I dunno. :S
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:09, archived)
# Missing b3tards...
Reboot your router. Reboot your laptop. Open fresh bottle of cold beer.

(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:12, archived)
# I've done both :(
Might just be the internet, I saw a bloke from BT fiddling with the phone box thingy on the corner before.

I think I'll give it a while before I try again.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:15, archived)
# .
First - threaten your PC with a hammer. Turn on webcam, place hammer where PC can see it. Just as a warning.

As to BT fiddling with the phone box thingy in the corner... that is just freaky... as BT is also fiddling with the boxy thingy on my corner too. Are you stalking me?

Techy answer: you can change DNS settings to use OpenDNS instead of BT. (Gaz me for more techy details instead of filling a thread with junk. If you know what a DNS is then use and as shown on the website)
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:37, archived)
# I've shaken it up with a Black and Decker...
And if you're in a lowly Manchester suburb, then you probably live right near me. XD

I'll have to have a look see if anything's amiss. I can only assume the BT fella's done something that my internet hasn't agreed with; maybe he's reset something... Thanks for the heads up! I'll let you know if I need help :)
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:42, archived)
# Throw hammer at BT fella...
That BT Bloke will not have caused this. Unless he has installed some form of b3ta blockers. All that a BT Bloke like that can do is totally cut you off by pulling the wrong cable out.

And my BT Bloke is more southern that yours as I am down here by the seaside in Brighton. is a handy proxy surfing site that will let you see the pretty pictures while waiting for your PC to learn to behave. (Not sure how well the b3ta user login will work via anonymouse as it is designed to hide your tracks when accessing naughty sites that BT don't like)
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:56, archived)
# Too late now, he's buggered off.
I think right now, my only course of action is to just wait. If memory serves me correctly, this has happened before, and it was fine the next day.

But yeah, I think I'll get by without anything dodgy like a proxy. :)
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 18:03, archived)
# proxy can be handy in such circumstances
but i wouldn't enter any passwords or personal info. there only has to be one weak link in the chain.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 18:24, archived)
# I'm having trouble too. Guessing it's a DNS error but can't be arsed changing it.
Look up the open dns, or google dns and switch it for the night if you want to try and fix the problem. Takes about a minute.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 18:38, archived)
# Is it just a load of redexes, and the b3tards website not loading?
I think I'll just leave it be; I mean, /board isn't exactly busy right now.

I'm sure it'll be right as rain in due time.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 18:44, archived)
# DNS is the Domain Name Server which basically tells your computer how to find a website's server to pull the information off, every ISP uses a their own default one.
If the DNS is broked for a site then you won't be able to access it, or anything on its servers.
It's a quick fix in your network settings to just change the default to another one.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 18:53, archived)
# Mm... it's something my Xbox loves to whinge about; I feel ashamed I only just found out what it was.
It's a mystery as to why I have to do this in the first place, unless my ISP have changed the default...
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 19:03, archived)
# Myeh, they fuck up often enough for people to whinge about them and set up independant ones.
Sites can do it to themselves during maintenance, or the ISP's server had an aneurysm and dropped a bit.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 19:08, archived)
# I think it's safe to assume it's my ISP's fault and not b3tards'.
I've had to phone my ISP on numerous occasions because of this... I'll have a poke around. If I get no joy, I'll have to ring them up and bollock them again.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 19:17, archived)
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 20:11, archived)
# Ringing ISPs is a waste of time
Ringing the BT ISP "support" is even worse. Especially late in the evening as the idiot staff are put on to answer the phones. You would get a better response by jabbing a dart into your leg. Less pain.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 20:22, archived)
# Use The Force, Fox.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:14, archived)
# It's a star wars thing
Robot camels on fire
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:07, archived)
# C-beams glittering in the dark
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:08, archived)
# Tears... in... rain...
I actually recorded that the other night, I'll be giving it a watch later.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:09, archived)
# Hurrah!
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 16:34, archived)
# The Rebels are fucked right now.
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:09, archived)
# Epic!
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 16:54, archived)
# This DID happen!
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:09, archived)
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 18:09, archived)
# Sold!
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 19:33, archived)
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 20:16, archived)
# XD
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 20:59, archived)
# Holy Shit!
Awesome to the max!
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:31, archived)
# :D
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:51, archived)
# Top quality
*audience applause*
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:32, archived)
# o/
(, Fri 25 May 2012, 17:52, archived)