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This is a link post 37s for the Willow Ptarmigan
(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 20:57, More)
This is a link post Aphex Twin shows how he made 'Vordhosbn'

(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 16:54, More)
This is a link post Desert Rain Frog...
...or Flavour Flav?

(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 18:45, More)
This is a link post Kodak 36v Printer Power supply Adapter for Hero 7.1 Printer
I like it when designers get inventive and break the pre-conceived ideas of how a product should look.
(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 16:16, More)
This is a link post "Your Song" sung by the movies I made this!

Last time I will bother you with one of these...
(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 14:05, More)
This is a link post Little Girl Decides to Become Serial Killer

(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 15:04, More)
This is a link post Instead Of Brexit I made this!
The other day I read about the 66 billion they now think we will have to pay to the EU to leave, and I wondered what else you might be able to do with that kind of $$$ so I tried dividing it by the 22k starting salary of a nurse.

You get nearly 3 million. 3 million nurse-years, or if you prefer 2,982 nurses for 100 years.

Equaling this insanity - it is about 13 billion pints of beer. Or enough to buy every working person a burrito for lunch every day for a year.

Anyway, I decided to make a website to show just what a lot of other more interesting, generous or fun stuff you can do with 66 billion instead of Brexit.

Please share the insanity that is now somehow reality, and if you have any other ideas for the 66 billion, let me know and I'll add them.

(, Sun 23 Jul 2017, 17:25, More)
This is a link post Fat White Family - Whitest Boy On The Beach
Why have I never heard of these guys before?!
(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 11:59, More)
This is a link post Usavich reason...
(, Mon 24 Jul 2017, 0:22, More)
This is a link post Physio from Thursdays session I made this!
had a change from the bars and used the zimmer frame to go for a short walk.
Felt a bit unsteady on it, though made good progress and was nice to get out of the physio room even if it was just into the corridor.
(, Sun 23 Jul 2017, 17:07, More)
This is a link post short clip of the finished 3d model for my socket I made this!
looks a bit strange, almost like a thumb with no nail
(, Sat 22 Jul 2017, 12:45, More)
This is a link post The Sun is shite ;) I made this!
After a Tweet I uploaded went a bit viral, The Sun asked if they could put it on their website. Not wishing to be associated with that pile of plop, I said "no".

Inevitably, they published it anyway. Someone suggested I change my username. Not sure how long it'll be up there for.

(, Sun 23 Jul 2017, 18:12, More)
This is a link post When you're running along, press down on the d-pad.
Golden wheel spider
(, Sun 23 Jul 2017, 14:21, More)
This is a link post Dunkirk Part Deux: Hard Brexit
(, Sun 23 Jul 2017, 13:03, More)
This is a link post Interesting article on how British cartoonists depict the Irish
Ron's zeal
(, Sun 23 Jul 2017, 13:05, More)
This is a link post Alibaba's meats section is AMAZING! I made this!
We explored the incredible meats section of Alibaba - and it surpassed every expectation!

Marvel at the meaty wonders available to buy!
(, Thu 20 Jul 2017, 16:50, More)
This is a link post Ready Player One first look

(, Sat 22 Jul 2017, 20:13, More)
This is a link post Insane Japanese rocker
Very enthusiastic surf/rockabilly/something group.
Nobody seems to know anything much about it.

(, Fri 21 Jul 2017, 23:30, More)
This is a link post Are we still giggling at puerile names?
I hope so.
(, Fri 21 Jul 2017, 18:33, More)
This is a link post Remembering a carver - Ito Susumu
This came up in my YouTube suggestions, so clicked on it out of curiosity. Found myself absorbed by it. Others may too.
(, Fri 21 Jul 2017, 23:19, More)

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