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This is a question Your Revenge Stories

We want to hear your tales of revenge. From sewing prawns in your lovers curtains to advertising your bosses job in the newspaper. What have you done? Confess! Confess now!

(, Fri 14 May 2004, 1:02)
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hmmm, cake
At uni (why the hell not) this obnoxious foreign bird used to cook some foul smelling fish dishes that stunk the whole house out. She also had a habit of coming down to the kitchen in the dead of night and munching through whatever left overs were left in the fridge.
As a relatively expensive revenge, I purchased a good half ounce of finest resin and made some rather morish hash fudge.
I got a mate to test it, he had half a slice and 10 minutes later decided it was shit and went out. An hour later he was unconscious on the floor in some bar. The recipe was perfect! I put the fudge in the fridge.
Next morning I checked the fridge, it was all gone! Someone had gobbled up a fuck load of cannabis!
The girl was missing, but later in the day rumours began to surface that she had woken up in the middle of the night completely tripping her bollocks off paranoid as a cunt, scaring the shit out of some guy she'd just pulled. Aparantly he got the fear and left. The girl had never done any drugs before and didn't have a clue what was going on, so she decided to drive home in the middle of the night - about two hours away. She's lucky to be alive.
Needless to say she never ate my food again.
(, Fri 14 May 2004, 10:44, closed)

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