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39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 year old techie phone sales jockey Facilities Manager

Oh yeh, am a JKD, Escrima and Silat instructor in my spare time.
I should also be PM apparently :)


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» Festivals

Knebworth 1985
My first festival at a young tender age, couldnt wait to see Deep Purple (headlining) scorpions, UFO, blackfoot, mountain etc.
It pissed down for most of the day, mud up to my arsehole (and i'd put my best rock gear on) but was stunned by how fuckin ace all the bands were especially Scorpions and Purple, fuck me what a gig.

My hair at the time was down to my arse and I'd not long had it permed (a la Joey Tempest from Europe) so was very proud i looked so good, until the moment a full 2 litre bottle of piss came flying through the air to land directly on my head.

Mind, the guys next to me felt sorry for me, handed me their brew of JD and coke in a massive jug, and passed me a spliff rolled in some american bill a $20 i think, so got happily merry, made some friends and had a fucking ace time.
(Fri 5th Jun 2009, 18:38, More)

» Ignoring Instructions

Ignore at your peril
Whilst working in IT at a hospital, there was a guy (who shall remain nameless) who looked a lil like Freddie Starr and Einstein combined, but unfortunately DID NOT have the brain of Einstein.
However, i was sitting on the helpdesk just outside the techie office and saw a huge flash and heard a bang. On running into the techie office, i found said guy with his hair standing on end and a printer base open with all the capacitors etc showing. After having laughed my cock off at this, another few techies had joined by this time and so we said, "dont touch them as they still hold a charge, as you've probably noticed"
"Ok" says he.
On returning to the helpdesk, (leaving all the techies still there) about 2 mins goes by and then another flash - bang followed by hysterical laughter. On running back in i found the SAME GUY with his hair on end, face red looking dazed and confused and all the other techies rolling on the floor crying with laughter as (yep you guessed it) he HAD TOUCHED THE CAPACITORS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Dozy bastard shouldn't have ignored our instructions!!!!

ps. on an even lighter note, we printed out a pic of einstein with the stupid guys name under with the warning

Needless to say he saw his arse about that, but he is still ingoring stuff to his peril he he.

First post - ooh im so excited

*POP* long time lurking, but cherry popped now and theres no going back :-(

Woo, yay, length girth etc etc
(Tue 9th May 2006, 15:09, More)