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This is a question Celebrities part II

Five years ago, we asked if you've ever been rude to a celebrity, or have been on the receiving end of a Z-List TV chef's wrath. By popular demand, it's back - if you have beans, spill them.

(, Thu 8 Oct 2009, 13:33)
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More ignorant than rude
My mum is one of those people who loves chatting to anyone who can't escape but isn't so good at listening or noticing body language.

Last year she was visiting distant relatives somewhere outside Fresno in California. They decided to spend a couple of days in San Francisco and like good tourists went to visit Alcatraz. The ferry to the island was pretty busy and my mum had an empty seat next to her so a guy sat there while the rest of his family (and a couple of what she reckons were bodyguards) sat across the aisle. The guy was David Beckham and according to my mum he was really nice. This is even more surprising as apparently my mum told him (no doubt at great length and with much repetition) about how she grew up near Stamford Bridge and how she wished her dad was still around to hear that she'd met him as he'd been a massive Chelsea fan.

When my poor mum told me this and I broke the news that David Beckham had played for Man United rather than Chelsea she didn't believe me at first! I guess that either he's nice enough to humour her or she really was too oblivious to notice his discomfort.

Length? About 15 minutes apparently.
(, Tue 13 Oct 2009, 22:23, closed)

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