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This is a question Bizarre habits

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us: "Until I pointed it out, my other half use to hang out the washing making sure that both pegs were the same colour. Now she goes out of her way to make sure they never match." Tell us about bizarre rituals, habits and OCD-like behaviour.

(, Thu 1 Jul 2010, 12:33)
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christ i might be busy this week
quick one to kick off

if mrs spimf is trying to discuss something serious and i'm getting frustrated or just want to throw her off track i'll reach over and 'unscrew' the top of her head - just like a jar of sweets.

to say it freaks her out is an understatement - she HAS to screw her head back on the exact degree and number of turns. naturally this looks every bit as bonkers as she is.

works particularly well in public places
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 16:02, closed)
that is all...
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 20:17, closed)
Genius. Click.
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 23:56, closed)
My mum used to do that to one of my sisters. I'd completely forgotten about it!
(, Sat 3 Jul 2010, 5:50, closed)

Mess her up more by holding the top of her head still and spinning her body around. Dizziness will add to the confusion.
(, Sun 4 Jul 2010, 6:15, closed)

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