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This is a question Evil Pranks

As a student Joel Veitch attached a hose from the sink into my bed. I slowly woke thinking I'd pissed myself. I had the last laugh though. He had to pay for my ruined mattress.

What's the most evil prank you've ever played on someone?

(, Thu 13 Dec 2007, 14:01)
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This question is now closed.

Rewind to 1981/82 and sniffing of evo stick was very much in vogue. One sniffer wrote 666 in the hair of another of his young chums. A third lad was then shown the mark on the other lad's head during an inhalation session. This was only about 2 weeks after the Omen was screened on TV.

This went on for a number sessions, were the lad who was being shown these strange markings began to believe wholeheartedly that this lad with obscure biro markings on his head was the son of Stan.

It resulted in:

1. The poor affected lad being dragged to the local church by his mother demanding the CofE vicar to perform an exorcism late one night.
2. The poor affected lad never leaving the house without a bible and a crucifix.
3. The poor affected lad starting to piss the bed at age 15.
4. The poor affected lad being carted off hysterically to a secure unit at the local pyscho unit.

There was probably much more far reaching damage that I am no longer privvy too, but I wet my kecks everytime I think of how far we pushed the idea. The goat's head stolen from the art block and a white sheet might be considered by some to be going too far......

Kids are so cruel ;-)
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 12:29, Reply)
The CV prank that never was.
I had this all planned out too, down the smallest detail.

In work I did a favor of one of our old work colleagues which involved printing off a copy of his CV. I was emailed his CV and run off a few copies, but forgot to delete his CV once I'd done it.

A week later I notice I've still got his CV here, which seemed to glint to me. I had a quiet think, then a plan was born.

I was to apply for as many jobs as possible using this CV, all with the same covering letter except for literally 2 details to differ per letter. I even made a template letter ready, which consisted of something like the following;

Dear _____,
I am contacting you in reference to looking for employment within your workplace. ###########INSERT VARIABLE SENTENCE HERE############# Please find enclosed a copy of my CV.
I hope to hear from you soon,


I was going to replace his address with my own and keep all copies of the refused (or indeed accepted) replies and make a website showing his current progress. Also, the jobs he was going to apply for were going to be more and more obscure, literally right up to joining the Russian Traveling Circus as "I have a keen fondness for monkeys and cages."

I wrote the webpage ready, even uploaded it at the time and printed off the first covering letter for the local sewage works (stating "I love the smell of feces in the morning"). Unfortunately, L's dad picked that moment to pass away and I didn't have the heart to do it to him. Also, since that time my office profile has been nuked and I've lost the CV, so I cannot do this again.

Oh well, there's always the next CV to come my way....
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 12:27, Reply)
IT prank
When I was at college they had a VAX VMS which used a pretty simple login screen. My homies and I wrote a little program to mime the login screen and left it running on terminals wherever we could. Once the program captured a login and pwd it put up a lame msg about system maintenance and trying again later. We then changed each users motd to something amusing and waited for them to login. The lecturers knew we were doing it and didn't care. Times have changed.

This is very boring isn't it?
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 12:23, Reply)
T'was I that was most commonly the..
lucky recipient of my teenage pals over active imaginations.

From the age of 12 I belive they realised that I was pretty much capable of being the fall guy in any situation - and my parents never questioned the bumps and bruised on their delightfull aire.

Some may question this as child cruelty, but for we lived in the country so was entirely normal.

Typical for us as semi country folk, much of what happened to me was in the form that probably could have killed me - infact the more evil and the more dangerous only got worse as time went along....

there was the time a friend told me the large carp pond was frozen totally solidly and they'd all been 'skating' about on it just that very morning...

With a glint of torvil and dean in my eye I went volting towards the frozen lake - to crash straight through up to my waist... unfortunatly the ice was such a thickness to make walking out - or clambering onto its surface pratically impossible... I looked like monged out zombie - all-be-it a frozen 12 yearold non-dead variety.

This form of tourture arrived on a weekly basis - including the famouse loaded shot gun in mouth prank - the being shot at with a powerful air riffle tom foolery - and the being pushed out of a tree high jinks...

Possibly the one time I managed to get my own back was a few years later - one particular lad - not known for his endearing spirit was being a dick at a party...

For some reason he was having a cup of tea (oh the debauchery) and I was handed this to give him... so I did what all people do when faced with such a situation - popped into a side room and wee'd into it... only I guessd the joke was also on the persons father - as anyone will gather - stop starting weeing is a tad difficult - especially when full of cheap 3% french beer - sorry mr mates dad for the wet patch in your study - it werent me...

oh and he drank it all...
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 12:20, Reply)
I've been told off for this...
... but MrsP reminds me...

I have been known, over the past decade or so, to select a random address when I travel and to send a postcard there. It will be very chatty and familiar - the sort of thing you might send your grandmother if you had got her address wrong: the point - well, there isn't much of one - is simply to confuse people.

Friends of mine have told me that this is utterly indefensible, because it might genuinely scare people - I might have accidentally chosen someone who has a stalker/ has been attacked/ blah blah blah. I simply don't get the power of the objection, though.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Should I stop or carry on?
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 12:07, 5 replies)
Unsettling more than evil....
A long time ago, I was at Uni in Brighton with a rather strange young man who I'll call Geoff. Nice enough guy, but a little odd (he carried a dead mouse around in his pocket at one time...) Like most students, Geoff used to frequent the local second hand shops, and one day he came back to College with an old Jim'll Fix It annual from about 10 years previous (I said he was odd). As he was looking through it he drew our attention to a section for letters from kids who had never had their 'Fix Its' granted, but who the publishers thought to include anyway; one was from a girl in Brighton with a rather distinctive last name, which Geoff commented on (I can't remember what, or what she asked for - something along the lines of driving in a limo with Kajagoogoo). No one thought any more about it. Then we found out what he had done....

He'd gone through the Brighton phonebook and found an entry for someone with the same distinctive surname; at this point I think he was just satisfying his curiosity, but something got the better of him. He rang the number, and when the woman answered he asked her if, as a young girl, she'd written into Jim'll Fix It? She said that yes, she had - Geoff then said he was ringing from the BBC. Jim'll Fix It was coming back on TV, and as part of their new series they were revisiting all the old Fix Its that never made it to air the first time round and granting the old wishes. Oh my god, said the woman, am I going to be on telly driving in a limo with Kajagoogoo? Yes, said Geoff, who could have left it at that. Instead, he formed a more complex plan.

He asked the woman if he could meet up with her to discuss her Fix It in more detail, do an interview for Look In magazine, that sort of thing, and suggested they convene at Brighton Pier the following day. She, of course, said yes. Now Geoff didn't look like your average BBC employee (dirty bleached blonde hair, lots of leather, dead mouse in pocket), so that evening he borrowed a smart suit and briefcase and the next morning cleaned himself up and toddled off to his meeting at the Pier.

The woman turned up with her mum, similarly excited; a newly-smartened Geoff, resplendent in his borrowed suit and tie, bought them both a cup of tea. He then told them that the next week, a car containing Jimmy Saville himself would be dispatched to East Sussex, complete with camera crew, to record the start of the lucky ladies' journey to the BBC studios where she would be met by Kajagoogoo or whatever, and her dream would come true. Her Fix It would be the cornerstone of the first show of the new series. She was to dress in all her finery and be ready to be picked up at 11am sharp next Tuesday. Then he took their photos (!!) and left. I still wonder what the BBC made of the phone call they inevitably got the following week, and what the woman and her mother must have thought as it slowly dawned on them what had happened...

Actually, thinking about it, that is pretty evil....
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 11:58, 3 replies)
I was an unpopular kid at school. No, I wasn't a cunt, I wasn't annoying, I was just shy. I kept my head down, got on with stuff and generally tried to stay out of trouble. But I was quiet and wouldn't fight back. THAT'S why I was unpopular.

So a lot of the posts on this QOTW really bring back some bad memories for me. Like the time someone came up behind me and smacked me over the head, sending me to the ground. As I got up and walked away with what was left of my dignity I heard someone say "He deserved that!". Cunts.

Stealing my shoes was always popular, for some reason. Almost every DT lesson seemed to end with me being shoeless.

The one I was most impressed with though is the time I went out of the classroom, foolishly leaving my bag unattended. (Imagine that, eh? There I was thinking my personal property would be left alone. So naive.) By the time i had got back they had unscrewed a wooden support post (it was a temporary wooden classroom) put the loop of my bag through it and screwed it back down, thus trapping my bag.

So when I read stories on here of the sheer level of cuntery people are capable of I'm not surprised. Many bullies justify their actions by saying "We were only having a laugh". Yeah, maybe. But when the person you're playing the "prank" on isn't laughing then you're a bully, plain and simple.
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 11:52, 3 replies)
'i can make you give up smoking!' says magictorch
'how!' says friend?

(take the packet of fags, pull one out, stick the filter end up your nose and then replace in the packet. then shake.)

'there you go, no need for nicotinel' says magictorch.

'grrrrr' says friend.
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 11:16, Reply)
Student party wake up call
As the party wound down we looked for some prank to amuse our thoroughly ruined minds.

We discovered one of those old bell type alarm clocks.... Set it for 6am.... and placed it in the dusty and well hidden recess behind the plinth on the top of the kitchen cupboards. The gap between unit and ceiling was just big enough to conceal the alarm clock.

Apparently it went off on 4 consecutive mornings before someone waited downstairs for it to go off and reveal it's location :)
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 11:03, 2 replies)
This QOTW is terrible
I'll admit before I start that I've enjoyed a few answers and some have warranted a click, but this goes to the majority of the rest.

All this QOTW has done is provoke twats into telling their stories of complete cuntish acts. Not evil, it passes evil, ignores funny and goes straight to destroying peoples mentally.

I've read a few stories which have just left me shocked, that a bunch of people on a board which usually provides pleasent reading material, can write with such pride about how they've caused mental breakdowns or rather seriously injured, had the potential to injure, or intended to injure someone else, just for a few laughs.

The main story that sticks out is one from a guy who worked in a shop with a, as he put it "a fat girl" who fancied a guy who was out of her league and went travelling, he then impersonated the guy she fancied via e-mail, lead her on and then broke it all off, causing her a mental breakdown. Fair enough, he did a prank, it went a bit further than he intended, but that wasn't the case, this was - "Lots of fun but I think we gave the fat girl a bit of a confidence crisis and nervous breakdown when we got busted. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Aha...aha...a-hahahahaahahaha. What was I laughing about again? Oh yes, that fat girl with the mental breakdown...ahahahahahaha" that bit of icing on the cake filled me with rage.
(this is the story if you want to read it )

In the story he states that most people would smell a rat, but it's not true, I was one of the lesser popular kids in school, and that alone reduces your self esteem enough that just the mere chance that the person you fancy who's "way out of your league" might fancy you back is enough to make you believe it despite what the rest of your mind tells you. It used to happen to me quite alot and I never learnt, I can imagine that working with people such as this twat who goes on about how she's fat and ugly and therefore has no chance, that this girl was victim to similar mental attacks.

I've read various other similar stories. Stories where people have been seriously phyisically hurt. One where some guys rigged up a welding torch so that it electricuted some poor sod. Too many people, in my opinion, have used this QOTW as a way of trying to tell a story which they know was a bad thing to do in a way as to try and make it sound funny to heal their conscience.

I hate pranks as it is, I'll admit, so maybe I'm prejudice about it. But I think that as soon as you do something with the intent or result of harming another human, even if it's in revenge for something they've done to you, then there's no possible way you can spin it to make it funny or entertaining.

Saying that, I'm starting to realise that, if these people find it funny, don't feel shame in telling alot of people about it, and boast about it on here, then they must truly take pleasure in other people's misery.

*Breathes out*
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 10:32, 13 replies)
when i was moving into a house with some friends when i was in uni
i had come up for the weekend to drop some stuff off, the morning i was going to get the train back i was sat in front of the telly enjoying last nights takeaway when i spotted my house mate ass's tobacco lying in the table then i spotted a mousetrap in the corner. i rolled a couple of fags with what was left of his tobacco and with the aid of some doubled over tape i baited the trap with them.

i had just got onto the train when i got a call from him calling me a bastard because he had got his finger caught in the trap trying to retrieve its bounty
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 9:26, 5 replies)
There was this indian fella I used to live with
one morning I hid all his clothes and set the fire alarm off so he ran out into the street with just his bed sheet wrapped around him.Of cousre I had locked the door so he couldn't get back in
Now his boss wasn't too keen on excuses so he went into work with this sheet and come lunch time he had no money for lunch (no pockets you see)when his workmates asked him what he was doing with the sheet he explained that he was starving because the british man had taken over his home.
Started a bit of a trend, what was his name again? oh yeah Ghandi, Bill Ghandi

or was it Bill Jenkins?
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 8:49, Reply)
Not mine, but one I remember reading.
Apparently the cast of Friends were always playing tricks on each other - my favourite of the ones I read was played on David Schwimmer by Matthew Perry and Matt le Blanc.

Apparently they recommended he try a new car, some sort of SUV thing, saying that it used revolutionary new technology and hardly used any petrol at all. He got one from the manufacturer to use for a couple of weeks, and every time he was filming, one of the others snuck out and filled it back up with petrol.

So he used it for a week or so and kept remarking how it was amazing, he hadn't even noticed the fuel gauge move yet.

They did tell him about the prank in the end...

...but only after he'd bought the car =D
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 8:34, 1 reply)
I dont ever want this QOTW to end:(
This QOTW should be left open forever.
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 8:22, 2 replies)

This question is now closed.

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