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Are you a QOTWer? Do you want to start a thread that isn't a direct answer to the current QOTW? Then this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Names and the naming namers who name them.
Do you like your (IRL) name? Or perhaps it’s rather bent and you were teased for it at school – maybe it rhymes with something embarrassing? Perhaps you work with someone who has a ‘funny’ name? My mother was taught at school by a ‘Mrs Smellie’. Perhaps teaching was a bad choice with a name like that.

I have three Christian names, and one of them is 'Christian'. Wishful thinking on the part of my parents, there. That hasn’t quite worked out in the nominative determinism stakes.

Alt: I am fucking STARVING. If I eat a bowl of spinach and ricotta tortellini now, does that make me a weirdo? It’s the only grub I have here and going to ‘lunch’ at 11am isn’t acceptable.
Alt alt: I wish to complain about pretty much everything in the strongest terms, today. What do YOU wish to complain about – and how strong are the terms under which you wish to make this complaint?

Alt alt alt: Name a B3tan's favourite band. Phillie Joe's is 'G-Love and Special Sauce'. Lol.

I am reaaaaallly bored.
(, Fri 13 Apr 2012, 11:01, 240 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
It is fucking Friday, mofos!
How are you going to celebrate this important milestone?

Oddly, my sleep seems to have fixed itself recently. One bad nights sleep in two weeks. Have you ever had any miraculous recoveries?

# insert joke involving song lyrics and doing your mam/dad up the shitpipe here #

Weekend plans?
(, Fri 13 Apr 2012, 7:16, 281 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Exciting JeffSTOCK news.
Special guests CONFIRMED.

The power of budget airlines compels you.
(, Thu 12 Apr 2012, 23:50, 6 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Ow biss then me babbers?
(, Thu 12 Apr 2012, 18:34, 256 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Hey look, it's a new Harry Potter book

I was bored with that thread and just posted any news link then typed some words in this bit, I encourage others to type words.

Alt: something about something else
(, Thu 12 Apr 2012, 15:24, 58 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Hey guys
How's it going?
(, Thu 12 Apr 2012, 13:43, 122 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
G'day bumders
Question of the Week vote is HERE
(, Thu 12 Apr 2012, 12:30, 1 reply, 6 years ago)
Not really.

Tell Chompy about your favourite band and why you love them so.


Tell us three good and three bad things about your current existence


(, Thu 12 Apr 2012, 11:08, 237 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Insignificant morning thread
Anyone have any interesting dreams?
(, Thu 12 Apr 2012, 7:19, 142 replies, latest was 6 years ago)

(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 19:13, 160 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Spotify is brilliant.
What do you love the web for?

alt: Would you like five pounds?
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 16:19, 111 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Bank, Christmas, Annual, whatever.

Best/worst day off experiences? Holidays from heaven/hell

Talk amongst yourselves
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 14:29, 196 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Right, that's enough of that now
I was having a conversation with a friend last night, we were trying to think of which moments in our lives were the ones that have influenced us the most since.

Whilst the death of my Mother is the event that has affected me the most, I think my decision to go to my friend's rather that a Uni presentation has also shaped me hugely, as it was when I finally realised I was truly sick of academia.

What events would you say have shaped your life the most?

Alt: If you could change them, would you?
Obviously, I can't really change my Mother killing herself over Green Day, but I could have gone to Uni. However, I can't say I would have gone to Uni to gain anything, or simply for the experience of Uni. I don't regret not going.

Alt Alt: Lunch?
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 12:03, 137 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Tracey's due in today right, and Tracey's bloody lovely.

Trouble is, Malc's alot better looking than I am, and more charming, and talented, and better in almost every way. I've tried undermining him by pointing out that he has a criminal record, earns less than i do, has a kid that he rarely sees and a girlfriend, but he still seems to be ahead in the Tracey stakes.

What would you do to woo a woman? How would you cover up your infidelity if you weren't sure you still had a girlfriend? How would you beat the competition?
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 10:13, 159 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Good morning B3ta
I'm new to posting here, though I've been lurking for years. Thought it was about time I signed up and said 'ello.

*edit* I have a heart condition.. If you hit me it's murder....
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 6:17, 296 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Howzit goin'?

(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 19:32, 146 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Sex, drugs or rock 'n roll?

(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 14:51, 94 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
BBC news link to the rescue!

So Ol' hook hand is going to be extradited to America. Human Rights law works perfectly, I'm sure you all agree.

If you could redo your 4 days off what would you have done.
(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 10:58, 125 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
That's Easter done.

Did you have a nice time?

Alt; with or without juicy bits?
(, Tue 10 Apr 2012, 7:18, 39 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Hi there!
How are you doing?
What's new around here?
Is there still anyone in this board who I've met?
(, Mon 9 Apr 2012, 20:11, 106 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
It is with a heavy heart that I pronounce this to be this evening's thread.

(, Mon 9 Apr 2012, 19:36, 24 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Crazy dreams about a drug that contains nanobots and turns people into cyborgs like The Borg from Star Trecking, except it didn't always go right, not at first, and the best option was taking a pill to kill yourself. Pretty grim mental images.

This sucks:

THE BOILER PEOPLE ARE HERE AND PUTTING IN A NEW BOILER TYPE THING, oh boy, my bills are gonna go down by about 1/3 apparently.

What's your plans for today?
(, Mon 9 Apr 2012, 9:22, 89 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Happy Easter /OT
Come on you lurkers, why don't you use the keyboard and call in. No one is going to call you Bert, or swear at you. It is easter after all.

I've just had my annual full english brekky, and now I'm going to spend the next couple of hours under various sinks doing plumbing. Beat that.
(, Sun 8 Apr 2012, 9:30, 278 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Saturday Night, dance, i like the way you move.

I trust everybody has filled every cupboard and fridge in the near vicinity in preparation for the supermarkets being closed tomorrow.

What's going on tonight then, shutins? I'm currently watching the miracle that is Bristol City not having their arses handed to them on a plate. What are you doing?

Alt: The Voice or BGT? Don't say 'neither, they're both crap'. It doesn't make you cool or clever. Just play teh game.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 18:57, 88 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
I've woken up to find the theme tune
From 'Postman Pat' going round my head.

I hope you day has started better than mine.
(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 9:47, 80 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
My cats just given birth ! To five kittens ! Any advice on care etc ?
They're currently in the bottom of the wardrobe. Am keeping heating on, but would like to put a towel underneath them all to keep them warm. Good idea ? Bad idea ?

(, Sat 7 Apr 2012, 0:18, 10 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Come on kids.
Some of you must have decided to spend some of the bank holiday on the sofa!
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 20:48, 252 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
Oh man, the first time I ever work up at 6 in months and months, and its on a day off.
I had some crazy dream that I was only a few mm high, that I got shrunk so I could go up a little girl with down syndrom's nose, but then I slipped and fail down the asphigous. Suddenly I was me and I had just swallowed someone who had been shrunk, and it was a friend, and I was trying to force myself to be sick so they don't get killed by the stomach acid.

I then woke up feeling really nauchous and ran to the bathroom to throw up.

Mornin !
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 8:03, 93 replies, latest was 6 years ago)
I can't believe you lot have all gone early.
I'm bored.
(, Thu 5 Apr 2012, 17:53, 209 replies, latest was 6 years ago)

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